Sunday, October 12, 2014

art failure

Another band I know little about. There is a great track they do, Gimmick, which is on the sampler Hicks from the Sticks, posted by Curious Guy. I was prompted to track down their sole single, which you can grab here. Indie styled release distributed by Rough Trade. The gate folded sleeve has a stapled flap to hold the record. A-side is not so hot, though the B-side has a little promise. Oh well. I'm still glad I have it. Sometimes the satsfaction comes in the completion of a discography, even if there is little else of merit.

Art Failure were:
William Redfern, Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar
Graham Lees, Lead Guitar
Pat Allen, Keyboards, backing vocals
Tim Fenton Ward, Bass guitar
Rob Dakin, Drums

Scream of Pain 7", 1979.
01. Scream of Pain
02. In Vogue
As a bonus I have included the song Gimmick in the folder.

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