Monday, October 13, 2014

Ave Maria - New Maps of Hell

There is something odd about posting music by someone you have met online. Someone whom you consider a good friend despite never hanging out all day, or hunting thru dusty old record shops together. I have several friends like this--all people I will likely never meet in person. In this case a kindred spirit across the pond, with the same or more of a passion for obscure music. Michael has worked with some well known musicians to produce some Gothic sounds. I'll let him tell it in his words. I really like his work. I hope you will too.:

The timeline is : 1989 -1992 Ave Maria / The Joan Of Arc Family with multiple line-ups. The main line up though was:
Michael - Voice
Christopher Harry - Bass and Noises
Pete - Guitars
Billy - Drum Machine

There was SolanasSolanas between 2001 I think and then 2003 ... other musicians were Jasper on guitars and programming, and Andraz Aurelie on bass guitar .. we played twice.

The Joan Of Arc Family : 2004 : with Matthew and Karl from Sex Gang Children on guitar and Bass, and Jose handling the drum machine and sequencer , we played live with Sex Gang Children and Tuxedomoon, and I recorded a few demos ... Smash His Head To Bits being the noticeable one.

Then White Car Pet (original line up) with Karl from Ulterior. We released a 50 copy edition of EP with Scanners Blow, Speed, Magic Simon, and Margaret. Split up after headlining gig in London at Being Boiled.

Then the Joan Of Arc Family again ... played some shows with Sixteens and headlined Behind Bars in London, with guest vocals from Cinders (Gordon Sharp) from Cindytalk. I recorded some more stuff which you have .. a lot of it rough and experimental and extremely dark by other standards. Then .. we will see.

Ave Maria - New Maps of Hell
1. Desperate Measures
2. Dance On the Wire
3. Mecca's Dead

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  1. I could have written the post you shared. Michael sent me his last copy of the tape, so he said, about 8 years ago. Sadly Michael has shucked this mortal coil, August 2015.