Monday, October 13, 2014

Is better love

The internet has introduced me to some great people. One in particular is a consumate Post-Punk fan, tuning me in to many Portugese and Brasilian bands for a few years now. I have been fortunate to grow an internet friendship with Paulo Martins, and have been quite negligent in getting his music posted here. When you feel a loyalty to a friend whose music you admire, it becomes a question of whether you can do justice to the post. For that, I have let this falter, and want to rectify that.

Rather than have a bias, I'll have to let the music speak for itself. There is more, and I am excited about the prospects of a forthcoming studio album.

Paulo Martins (guitars, vocals, programming)
António Macedo (guitars, programming)
Pedro Fonte (bass)
Pedro Morcego (from Phantom Vision) (bass)
David Reis (from In Tempus) (percussion)

Two track promo, 2007:
1. Angels Fall
2.Heartache And Death

Grab the two song Promo CD here.

First Whispers: Live at PlanoB, Porto, 20/03/08
Line up:

Paulo Martins (portuguese and electric guitars; vocals)
António Macedo (portuguese and electric guitars; computer)
Pedro Fonte (bass)

1. Why?
2. New Sun
3. Dance
4. Heartache And Death
5. Now
6. Drifting
7. Nothing To Lose
8. Seduction
9. Too Much
10. Angel's Fall
11. Angel's Fall (Instrumental)

Here you will download the live set.

Friend them on MySpace: Archétypo 120

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