Friday, October 10, 2014


Prepare To Faint From Cuteness

Through The Windsheild

Canyon Coyote


I want to introduce Owen, my favorite 13-year-old email pen-pal, who I have been corresponding with since she discovered The Daily Coyote. She is incredibly creative and driven, and has just set up a non- profit called HOPES ~ Helping Our Planet's Endangered Species, where she is raising money for WWF (World Wildlife Fund) by selling artwork.

MC and I are helping Owen kick off the grand opening of her site by auctioning off a buffalo skull that we found along a creekbank after heavy spring rains. It is at least 100 years old, for that is how long it has been since buffalo roamed this area. More pictures at the EBAY AUCTION! All proceeds from this auction will be donated to HOPES.

You can also donate directly to HOPES by visiting Owen's website HERE.

Halfway To China


Semi-Spring Day In The Draw

He Helps With The Chores

Writing About Writing

Hi All ~ To cut down on my email load, I've found it useful to answer popular questions en masse here on the blog, and one question I get repeatedly is about my writing background, my schooling, etc. I've always written compulsively but never had the goal to "be a writer." My BA is in photography, and my last writing course was in 11th grade.

I wrote Eating Gluten Free because I got sick and at the time
there were few resources for dealing with gluten intolerance. I felt compelled to share what I had learned both inwardly and in the kitchen after going through the difficult transition myself.

I had no plans to write a book about my experience with Charlie, but was approached by multiple publishers in December and signed a contract for Daily Coyote at the end of that month. And then I quickly learned that there's a lot more to writing a book than just putting words down! I got the book Blockbuster Plots and found it to be the equivalent of a masters writing course. It was essential to my understanding of all the dynamic elements that make up a story. Highly recommended!

Martha Alderson, the author of Blockbuster Plots, has a two-day workshop coming up in Los Angeles on August 23rd & 24th, hosted by the Writers Store. Click HERE for her site and details about the workshop. I have one of her DVDs as well and think her workshops would be incredible. If you are in the area, go check it out for me!

{edited to add: this is not an ad, I'm just sharing something that was helpful to me, much like the dancing video}

Kids Rodeo

In Awe Of His Yawn

Growing A Tail {from the archive}

A Hard Winter For The Deer This Year

Deer Leg Ecstasy

Sailing Trot

Notes On Me

Hi Everyone ~ So, while this site is all Charlie, all the time, I've gotten quite a large number of requests from readers who want to know more about me, more about my life here. I'm not really used to writing about myself, except for that 250-page book I just wrote about myself, and I thought Twitter would be a way to ease in and share snippets of what I'm doing, thinking, seeing. Updates will show up here in the sidebar, or you can follow me on Twitter. I will try try try to update daily and throughout the day, but please don't get mad at me if I fall off now and then!

Also, my computer is being very weird and I can't pull up any blogspot websites, and can only log into mine every once in a while, so if Charlie's daily photos go up late this week, don't worry, all is well, it's a computer glitch that I am trying to work through.

Also also, I had no idea peeing deer photos were so popular! If you google "peeing deer," a whole list of pages comes up with other people's photos. I'm thrilled to know that I'm not the only one with pre-adolescent-boy moments. xo S.

A Peeing Deer (Really!)